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"Glory is the Shadow of Virtue"
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Welcome to the Eldridge family homepage, this website provides basic information on the family and their families. We are all located in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. You can veiw our basic profiles below which should allow you to get in contact with us if you need to, You can contact them via their email address, if another one is not provided in their below profile. If you have any general questions or concerns you may contact Matthew or Gregory. On this website you will also find links to any of the individuals personal projects, for instance, Delirus IRC or Technical Support, which can be found in the navigation bar.
Greg's Picture
Melinda Eldridge
24 May 91
16 Jun
No Job
Letisha, Matthew, Chrystal

Greg is married to his loving wife of 29 years, Melinda Eldridge. He lives at home with her and is the father of three grown children, Letisha (31), Matthew (29) and Chrystal (27 (turning)). He is the ever loving grand-father of his six amazing grand-daughters. His hobbies include almost anything in the IT field and he is a major part of all of his son's projects usually. If he is not spending time with his grand-daughters he is only wishing he could be.
Melinda's Picture
Gregory Eldridge
24 May 91
22 May
No Job
Letisha, Matthew, Chrystal

Melinda is married to her long-time husband of 29 years, Gregory Eldridge she is the loving mother of her adult children, Letisha (31), Matthew (29) and Chrystal (27 (turning)) and the proud grandmother of 6 grand-daughters. Her hobbies include but are not limited to art, puzzles and various games. Any time spent with her grand-children is enjoyed thoroughly by her.
Tish's Picture
Daryl Jones
18 Feb 12
23 May
Isabella, Elena

Letisha is married to her loving Husband of 8 years, Daryl Jones, she is the proud stay-at-home mother to two girls, Isabella (10) and Elena (8) and her hobbies include things such as cooking, spending time with the family and her friends, playing the PS4 and music and singing.. She loves to get out with her friends and enjoys life everyday.
Matthew's Picture
05 Feb
No Children

Matthew live in Parkes. His hobbies include things such as programming, network administration and webdesign. He loves spending time with his friends and drinking with them on weekends. His current projects are the Eldridges Technical Support website, this website and the Delirus IRC Network and website. You can find him on IRC usually known as 'sysfail'.
Chrystal's Picture
Luke Ramsay
30 May 20 (Engaged)
03 Oct
Akadia, Charlie, Maze, Iylah, Connor

Chrystal is the happy mother of four daughters, Akadia (7 (turning)), Charlie (6 (turning)), Maze (4), Iylah (3 (turning)) and Connor(0). She is engaged to Luke Ramsay whom she currently lives with, in Parkes. She is currently unemployed and spends most of her time caring for her children.

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